Who are we

Who we are

Dr. Annalize Green has been an educational psychologist since 1999 and has been in a full-time private practice since 2000. Her dream of providing a multi-disciplinary centre for people in the area led to the inception of the therapy centre in 2003. Services include those provided by educational psychologists, a clinical psychologist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist.

What we do

In addition to the services of educational psychologists, the therapy centre also offers the services of a clinical psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapist. Other related support services are also made available.

Fully equipped play rooms

Equipped play rooms and a sand therapy room enables play therapy to be one of the many therapeutic forms used at this practice as well as being a great asset with wonderful therapeutic outcomes.

Client benefits

Several other therapeutic forms and treatment techniques are employed by the diverse range of experts in the various disciplines here at the centre, all for the benefit of the clients.

Our vision

The vision of the therapy centre is to deliver a variety of therapeutic and mental health services through experts in the various disciplines.This enables optimal personal growth for clients, as well as therapeutic success according to the unique needs of each individual and family.