Dr Annalize Green

Dr Annalize Green

HPCSA PS 0051535
PR Nr. 8632766
BA, HOD, BEd (Sielk), MEd (Psig), DEd (psig)


Dr. Annalize Green was born, matriculated and studied in Pretoria.


Annalize Green has been working as an educational psychologist since 1999 in her own private practice. She is also involved at schools on a session basis where she works with children who have behavioural, emotional and learning problems.


She is the founder of a multi- disciplinary therapy centre in the north of Pretoria and since 2003, has been managing this therapy centre where children and adults receive assistance.


She also offers presentations for private institutions and lectures for the University of Pretoria in distance learning. She has co-authored several books and has mentored a counsellor and intern psychologists at the practice. She is a registered Imago therapist and Imago workshop presenter.


Assisting children, families and also providing parental guidance within the framework of her field of expertise in Psychology, is and will always be her passion.


She is registered at the HPCSA as an Educational Psychologist